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This is my very first blog, I have never done anything like this before. I am a 23 year old stay at home mom with a baby boy and a loving husband. What made me decide to do this blog? you might ask, well… my sister-in-law told me she started an blog (**lifestyleworldlove** please go and have a look on her blog https://lifestyleworldlove.blogspot.co.za/ ) and asked me why don’t I consider starting one about being a mom? Well after much consideration I made the choice to start one but not just about motherhood about well generally everything and anything about parenting. I will be blogging about DIY Projects, teaching, remedies, pregnancy, parenthood and frankly anything I can think of if it consists of my personal life and I feel it might help someone I will definitely blog about it as well. I’m looking forward to start blogging.

Let the journey begin….

Thanks to my sis-in-law from lifestyleworldlove 

Thank you all for reading

Breast is best!!

So some mommy’s prefer breastfeeding and some prefer bottle feeding all good choices but I know most moms rather suggest breastfeeding but why? Well I breast fed my little one because of the following reasons.

Breastfeeding advantages for you as an mother:

*The strongest bond is formed between you and your little one when breastfeeding.
*Breastfeeding helps you relax and makes you feel less stressed.
*Breastfeeding causes you to loose weight, mostly all the baby weight you gained during pregnancy.
*Breastfeeding helps return your uterus to its normal size, and lessens the bleeding after giving birth.
*Breastfeeding mothers show less post-partum depression.
*Breastfeeding can delay the return of your period, some woman do have their period while breastfeeding. Breast feeding is not a fool proof method of contraception.
*Breastfeeding may help reduce the risk for breast and ovarian cancer.
*Breastfeeding is free so money is saved.

Some mommy’s don’t know how to store breast milk, espesially an first time mommy. Well here is how to:

* 6-8 hours at room temperature
* 24 hours in an insulated bag with ice packs
* 5 days in a refrigerator
* 6-12 months in a freezer (use BPA-free containers) e.g. Avent breast milk bags see photo.

Don’t warm or thaw in a microwave rather leave in the fridge to defrost. Once thawed do not refreeze, but it can be stored in the fridge for 24 hours, then discard.

Benefits for breastfeeding your little one are:

* Your breast milk is specially designed for your little one, it can’t be replicated.
* Everything that is healthy for your baby is in your breast milk like suger, fat, antibodies, immune factors, enzymes and white blood cells.
* Breast milk lowers the chances of:
•Ear infection
•Diarrhoea, vomiting
•Urinary tract infection
•Atopic dermatitis and allergies
•Respiratory infection
* Breastfeeding may enhance your little one brain development.
* Premature little one’s benefit from breast milk as it builds strength and helps to protect them from infection.
* The first breast milk (colostrum) lines your little one’s stomach and intestines as a defence against bacteria and viruses.
* If your baby does not want to take to your breast you can express your milk, with an breast pump and give it to them via other means e.g bottle feed

Personally I have found that Tommee tippee bottles and teats work best as it is the closest shaped to an mommy’s teat.

What works for the sore and irritated nipples when breastfeeding, I have found that bepanthen works best as your little one can still drink via your breast when you have the nipple cream on.

First time mommy’s think about breastfeeding because breast is best, but it remains your decision.



The joy of parenthood….

Okay so I know we as parent’s do alot.
Cleaning, cooking, looking after the kids and running errands. Sometimes we are so tired and frustrated and I know some parent’s are. I know I am definitely!!! You just wish that when hubby comes home he would take the kids so you can catch a breather but truth is that sometimes hubby is also tired after a day at work so you are still stuck with the kids. Yes mom’s spend like 15 hours or more with the kids and after that a mommy definitely needs a break, best of all when you do get a mini break you constantly think of your kids, think of cleaning, washing ECT. So mommy is not getting a break after all. 

The joy of parenthood….

After a few weeks after the birth of our little one (he was in routine) hubby and myself came to an agreement. Something like the following: 

* TRY to get the kids in a routine, bed time, bath time, nappy change and feeding. (This makes it easier for mommy and/or daddy when doing laundry, making dinner and/or cleaning.)
* After the kids go to bed, mommy ask daddy to keep an eye on them because YOU need to take a warm bath and YOU need to relax!
* Make an agreement daddy looks after the kids on Sunday and mommy does one part of the chores and daddy the other or mommy does the chores or other way around.
* Make it easier for the following day and set everything right bottles, milk, meds ECT. This will help your day go smoother ( Sorry I’m a control freak!!!!)
* Try playing with your kids most of the day to make them as tired as possible to let them sleep through the night!

Kids are not a burden but a blessing!

Let me know if there is something you as reader would like to read and I’ll blog about it!

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